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Client: Ajuntament d’Alella
Services: Advertising

48ª Festa
de la Verema

The 48a Verema d'Alella campaign required a creative, original and risky poster to differentiate itself from the rest of the gastronomic events in the area. Furthermore, he had to highlight wine and viticulture, above others concepts that had been protagonists in previous editions, but in a different and distinctive way, without falling into recurring topics.

The proposal reflects and investigates what the Verema (harvest) represents, analyzing it from a contemporary point of view. A tradition that comes from a rural and family context, but at the same time becomes a celebration. Transforms an act of work, an action that would be tedious and routine, in a party.

The poster references the viticulture industry without relying on stereotypes. It aims to build a connection with those who work in this field by depicting their contemporary and everyday realities, instilling a sense of community pride in the festival and the local area. It's unique and daring approach to conveying these themes involves featuring the ubiquitous plastic boxes that are an essential part of the viticulture environment. With the aim of giving this element all the prominence, the informative texts of the events are integrated into the same box, generating a very iconic graphic.


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