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Client: South 180
Services: Branding, Digital

Spot the South,
to find your North

South 180 is a global consultancy that helps business leaders and organisations  transform innovative concepts into effective strategies.

The team at South 180 approached us with the goal of designing a contemporary brand that guides  organisations towards a brighter future, analyses their purpose, and refines their strategies. Delivering tailored solutions to unique needs of development.

Expanding on the brand strategy, we developed the brand identity by using the core values as guiding principles and benchmarks for all our work within this new brand identity. Our visual system is simple, distinctive, and remarkable. The symbol combines the timeless depiction of a profile avatar with a star piece, resulting in a captivating visual representation. This elegant and powerful idea inspired a vibrant colour palette and a dynamic motion-driven design language.

We have incorporated the 'south' character, which is friendly and positive, into the graphic code by using a range of freehand graphics that reinforce the brand's central concepts. This approach presents a unique way of expression that distinguishes us from other similar brands that rely on established codes.


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