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Client: SONY Music / Sidonie
Services: Art Direction, Packaging / Photography: Marcel Juan

El peor grupo del mundo

Sidonie are Marc Ros, Jesús Senra and Axel Pi, a Barcelona-based band that has been playing pop, psychedelic and alternative rock since 1997. All their work shows a clear inspiration from George Harrison, David Bowie or Pink Floyd (especially Syd Barrett). Initially their lyrics were in English, but since the album ‘Fascinado’ they have been exclusively in Spanish. ‘Sierra y Canada’ (2014) was a turning point in their career, receiving a positive response from the public and leading to a two-year tour. This success continued with ‘El Peor Grupo del Mundo’ (2016), which even managed to place one of the songs from the album, ‘Carreteras Infinitas’, in the top ten of the Los 40 Principales chart.

"We've never marketed ourselves as confident as when we were terrible musicians," reveals drummer Axel Pi. "Before our debut gig at the Sidecar, a historic club in Barcelona, we handed out flyers and walked around the Raval district proclaiming, ‘You can't miss this concert, we're the best in Barcelona’. Although I shudder to think what we sounded like at the time, the concert was a huge success. Despite being the worst band in the world, our unshakable belief in ourselves was enough to convince the audience”.

"El Peor Grupo del Mundo" is the honest title of Sidonie's eighth album. An album that brings together ten songs full of nostalgic feeling. It's a pop record that talks about pop, the pop within pop. It's their way of expressing their love to all the groups they adore, a "we love you" in the form of a record. It is also a reminder of who they are and have always been - fans.


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