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Client: Seat / C14torce / ruiz+company
Services: Branding, Advertising, Art Direction / Illustration: Magoz

SEAT Communication Code

Although SEAT has experienced positive sales growth since 2011, the brand image has not improved significantly as it has focused more on product features than on the emotional aspect of the brand. Therefore, it is imperative for SEAT to align with social reality by transitioning from a car manufacturer to a brand that can emotionally connect  with a society that has a strong purpose.

As society evolves, consumption is changing to meet the demands of our complex world. Owners are transitioning to users who purchase access, services, and convenience. EASY, PLEASE embraces this new consumer behaviour. The sharing and usage economy aims to simplify people's lives. The brand or product is defined by words such as 'practical', 'useful', 'convenient', 'accessible', and other similar adjectives.

This change in behaviour presents SEAT with a significant opportunity to redefine its  perspective on automobiles and mobility. This will enable us to differentiate ourselves and remain relevant in an industry that is widely perceived as one of the most complex.

The diagonal as an axis

Our project for SEAT involved refreshing the brand's visual identity to improve  communication. The updated look is more youthful, energetic, and optimistic.  We created a layout based on the diagonal of the isotype, which serves as the central axis for all messages. This guarantees that information hierarchies flow smoothly and accommodate a variety of communication requirements, from creative headlines to product features. It is in line with the company's new brand identity 'Created in Barcelona' and its commitment to the city through innovative mobility initiatives.

The SEAT layout operates using a modular system that runs along an imaginary diagonal of 10 degrees, serving as a reference guide. This diagonal can be placed at the top or bottom of the advertisement, depending on the format, and allows for 2 to 4 messages along with the use of small paragraphs, photographs, or illustrations.

The proposed GT Walsheim typeface family for SEAT brings a friendlier tone to the brand while maintaining its technical precision. The creative copy provided by agency C14torce gains relevance under the 'Start Moving' concept.

In an industry where chromatic codes related to technology and corporate identity are  becoming stagnant, SEAT stands out from its competitors with campaigns that showcase a variety of colours. The brand's iconic red has been losing prominence for decades. By incorporating new colours to create a younger and more modern version of the brand, SEAT aims to appeal to a younger target audience and highlight the brand's commitment to design.

To create a communication layout for SEAT, it is crucial to understand that there is not only one graphical solution, but various approaches to the same concept. These determinations will differ based on requirements, format, and the medium being used.

One Two Three & Product Catalog System

We have simplified the criteria for applying the new graphic communication code and  summarised them in tactical guidelines for easy implementation across all platforms, media, and countries. Furthermore, we have developed a layout system for catalogues, leaflets, and promotional materials.

* The project's images and graphics were sourced from various places to demonstrate the SEAT Communication Code's versatility and consistency. They were not used for commercial purposes or in violation of any intellectual property rights.


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