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Client: Real Sensations
Services: Branding, Digital, Art Direction / Motion Design: Morfica / Sound Design: Marc Bonet

Ready to live it.
Ready to customize it.

Real Sensations is a real estate company that offers a range of properties for purchase in Barcelona and its surrounding districts. The company provides clients with innovative, technologically advanced residential housing that blends location, quality, and design harmoniously.

After analysing their competitors in the real estate sector, Real Sensations committed to improving their image and design quality. They discovered that some of the top companies offered high-quality products, had similar identities, and structured their websites similarly. This made it difficult to distinguish the brand and its unique values, resulting in a non-differentiated and archetypal image.

At Real Sensations, clients can choose between refurbished or unrefurbished properties, which sets the brand apart from its competitors. We have highlighted this difference and translated it into two coexisting concepts: 'Ready to live it' and 'Ready to customise it'. These concepts are featured in the brand's corporate materials and serve to strengthen its positioning, technology, and innovative approach.


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