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Client: Poblenou Urban District / ruiz+company
Services: Branding, Advertising, Art Direction

Creative District
of Barcelona

Poblenou Urban District is a non-profit association of professionals, companies, and organisations from the creative and cultural sector of Poblenou. It was founded in 2012 with the main purpose of positioning and promoting Poblenou as the 'Creative and Cultural District of Barcelona' and as a centre of reference for innovation, creative and contemporary cultural production on an international level. The association promotes synergies, cooperation, and interaction among its members.

One factory,
One flag

Barcelona is not the first city to transform post-industrial buildings into cultural spaces, but Poblenou has distinguished itself by broadening the spectrum of offerings to meet new needs. This is supported by the census of 142 associates, which includes architecture studios, art galleries, showrooms, and concert halls. There is also room for restaurants, hotels, and real estate: a network that serves a cultural but also an economic and social vocation.

This neighbourhood has become a hub for creative and cultural innovation in Barcelona. Its industrial past is evident in the renovated manufacturing and industrial structures that now house artistic and creative initiatives.

The upside-down factory and flag symbolise this transformation. The image of Poblenou Urban District is more than just a logo; it is a declaration of intent. The district has transformed from an industrial past, once known as the Catalan Manchester, into a great creative force for the city.

Creative promotion

Poblenou Urban District annually hosts various events and cultural programs related to art and creativity. The aim is to promote the district and establish it as a cultural benchmark in Barcelona.

The Association utilises a range of communication tools and channels to promote the  creative community's content and cultural events produced by the Association. 
It also conducts various promotional activities to publicise the district and its associates.  Throughout the year, the Association seeks to collaborate with other entities in the district, the city and internationally to produce emblematic events and promote exchange, cooperation, internationalisation and innovation. 


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