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Client: Poblenou Urban District
Services: Advertising

Poblenou Open Night

Poblenou is a district of contrasts in Barcelona. It features factories, creative centres and old printing houses that have been transformed into libraries, art galleries, abandoned plots of land, graffiti and modern buildings. These spaces are home to cultural, creative, innovative and entertainment activities.

The Poblenou Urban District community believes that culture, creativity, and innovation  provide a vital escape from the daily struggles that hinder people's ability to see a way out. The design for Open Night 2019 draws inspiration from the interior signage found in the district's industrial premises. It presents a paradoxical concept: what seems to be an exit is, in fact, an entrance. This innovative community offers a variety of activities to break free from daily monotony. It's reassuring to know that even when there seems to be no solution, there's always an emergency exit available.


Llum Bcn 2018
Poblenou Open Day 2019
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