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Client: Platanomelón
Services: Branding, Packaging, Advertising

Let's Talk About Sex

Platanomelón offers a range of sexual cosmetics to promote a healthy and enjoyable sex life in a natural and entertaining way throughout the pleasure cycle. As experts in sexuality, Platanomelón recognizes the importance of achieving overall well-being to enhance one's individual pleasure and relationships with others.

The brand is committed to empowering individuals through a comprehensive and inclusive approach to sex education. It prioritises knowledge as a catalyst for personal empowerment, which is reflected in every aspect of the brand, from design to messaging. Inclusivity takes centre stage, with diverse representations showcased to celebrate individuality and ensure that everyone feels seen and included. Moreover, the brand has taken on the important task of breaking down societal taboos surrounding sex, promoting a culture of openness that encourages self-assurance and confidence.

Through these efforts, the brand aims to establish a supportive atmosphere where people can embrace their sexuality with knowledge, confidence, and pride.

A distinctive visual code featuring speech bubbles and the tagline 'Let's Talk About Sex' aims to promote open communication and underlines the brand's commitment to empowering individuals. This design element will grace packaging and extend to various forms of communication, promoting open dialogue and inclusivity.

Platanomelón aims to provide an informative and empowering space that is approachable and enjoyable, with a focus on breaking barriers, promoting inclusivity, and fostering a sense of community.

The brand's tone of voice is a unique blend of fun, friendliness, and accessibility, resonating with the audience on a personal level and making the topic of sex education approachable and enjoyable.



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