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Client: Cerveses Moritz
Services: Branding, Packaging

Moritz Red Ipa

Moritz aimed to promote a beer culture through creativity and innovation. They created unique beer varieties exclusively available at Fàbrica Moritz Barcelona.

The first factory was established more than 160 years ago. Its products are now sold far beyond its borders. A long-term graphic code was therefore developed to increase the brand's visibility in the speciality sector. The old account books and ink stamps from its earliest days are the inspiration behind the collection's concept, giving the product a more beer-focused image. Launched in 2020, Moritz Red IPA is an India Pale Ale and is the first beer of its kind in the Cerveses de la Fàbrica Moritz collection.

Moritz Red IPA is an India Pale Ale that utilises three varieties of hops, as well as pale,  caramelised, and roasted malts. It has a toasted colour with ruby highlights and a thick,  generous, and adherent foam. The persistent bitterness in the mouth is typical of the India Pale Ale style.

Més Red, Més IPA, Més Fàb.

Three concepts are combined: an enhanced recipe that reinforces the beer's name, a  change in its production, and a new product positioning. A clear and direct message  launches a campaign focused on introducing the first beer from the collection and  emphasising the three values of the new Moritz Red IPA.


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