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Client: Cerveses Moritz
Services: Branding, Art Direction, Advertising / Illustration: Simon Landrein

Moritz Branding

Moritz is a beer brand established in Barcelona in 1856. It was relaunched in 2004 and remains in production to this day. The brewery is located on Ronda de Sant Antoni in Barcelona and was founded by Louis Moritz Trautmann, a Frenchman from Alsace.

Moritz is deeply connected to Barcelona through its business initiatives, products, and  involvement in diverse leisure, social, and cultural endeavours within the city and Catalonia. The project aims to establish a distinct and disruptive identity that embodies Moritz's values, serving as a hallmark of quality. This identity should seamlessly extend to various aspects of Off/On Trade, resonating with the essence of Barcelona and its inhabitants—urban, modern, and characterised by unique idiosyncrasies.

The new communication code maintains the brand's historical typographic and illustrative essence, which gives it a unique personality. The visual style has been modernised to reflect a more contemporary and cosmopolitan tone.

The verbal expressions used by residents of Barcelona not only convey corporate messages but also reflect their lifestyle. This code plays a crucial role in influencing the brand's design, which is marked by minimalist aesthetics and polished finishes. The deliberate incorporation of yellow, which is unmistakably restrained, harmonises with a palette dominated by black and white.

The implementation of the code in communication environments at the point of sale,  including Horeca and food channels, facilitates its application in a consistent manner.

The brand intends to gradually reduce the use of the colour yellow and distance itself  from the connotations associated with its first product, Moritz Original. This is reflected in the surrounding pieces, which feature a more restrained and impactful industrial and graphic design compared to the previous one. The new brand perception emphasises the flavour and body of its products in the portfolio, replacing previous perceptions of its target audience.


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