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Client: Platanomelón
Services: Branding, Packaging

Your body demands Mambo

Platanomelón is revolutionising the erotic and sex education toy industry in a completely digital environment. With over 1 million followers on social media, their aim is to normalise sex through humour and proximity.

After distributing products from various brands for several years, Platanomelón  launched the most exceptional clitoral suction device on the market in 2020. This device is more compact, silent, and powerful than its competitors in the highly competitive category, led by Satisfyer.

Competing with Satisfyer is a challenging task. Finding a name that can surpass well-established brand leaders is even more difficult. However, Mambo represents a statement of purpose. Its name is both serious and playful, capable of eliciting a smile from the most seasoned, and provocative enough to make the inexperienced blush.

Oh! Tech. Technology aligned with the brand values

We recognized the need to enhance the value of Platanomelón's technology, which was  originally developed only for Mambo. Therefore, we created the name Oh!Tech and a  corresponding logo to highlight the brand's industry proficiency. The name's values and  familiar language establish a sense of closeness and understanding. Oh!Tech adjusts the frequency and amplitude of the waves, resulting in a harmonious clitoral stimulation for a natural and gradual peak of pleasure.

From the prototype to the graphics

The completely yellow packaging aligns with the brand's multicoloured universe, conveying a bright, fruity, and appetising feel. Its simplicity, elegance, and attractiveness showcase Mambo in all its glory, setting it apart from competitors' packaging and giving Platanomelón a distinctive identity in the sector.


Platanomelón Cosmetics

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