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Client: Ajuntament de Barcelona
Services: Advertising

The graphic shape of light

As evening falls, Barcelona reveals a new brilliance created by artists from around the world. A diverse group of creatives, designers, architects and students explore the possibilities of light, movement, virtual reality and artificial intelligence to produce innovative expressions that push the boundaries of our understanding. The Llum BCN Festival represents a collective journey to discover new ways of participation and social unity. This event challenges convention by asserting that light, digital technology and moving images can be harmoniously integrated into an urban environment without being tied to commercial goals.

The campaign focuses on various graphic representations of light, highlighting the  inextricable link between technology and creativity. The festival has always been rooted  in these principles and the campaign emphasises them through its aesthetic and conceptual value. By using a variety of graphic forms, the campaign aims to engage audiences and capture their imagination. These representations of light show how technology is enabling and revolutionising creative expression. They represent the power of creativity and its ability to evolve with technological advances. By combining patterns, colours, shapes and directions, a rhythmic flow is created that allows the audience to recognise and appreciate the captivating aesthetic and conceptual value of these representations.


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