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Client: Foods for Tomorrow
Services: Branding, Packaging

Heura, food revolution

Heura was founded in 2017 as the flagship product of the Foods for Tomorrow brand, which is committed to sustainable food production with an efficient model. It uses a revolutionary ingredient made of vegetable protein with a unique texture.

Brand tone

Heura has resolved the dilemma of choosing between delicious and nutritious food. This is evident through its graphic identity, which visually communicates that it is an ingredient to enhance and create incredible recipes, rather than just a pre-cooked dish like those offered by many of its competitors.

Most vegetarian products have specific packaging that focuses solely on the ingredients  and fails to convey a gastronomic experience. This turns an impulse buy into a technical one, despite the fact that only a minority of consumers shop this way.

A delicious challenge

Heura aims to create a narrative and visual image that challenges the target audience while remaining accessible to different socio-demographic profiles with similar interests and attitudes. The product strives to be attractive and inclusive in its communication approach, appealing to a wide audience. Our brand positioning aims to provide a unique gastronomic experience with exceptional flavours and textures, while also demonstrating our commitment to producing healthy and sustainable products.


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