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Client: Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona
Services: Branding, Editorial

Iconic logo

The Gremi d'Hotels de Barcelona recognizes the significant role it plays in the  socio-economic welfare of the city. As the representative of Barcelona's hotel industry, we take a proactive approach to participating in community activities. Barcelona has successfully developed its hotel and tourism sector, establishing itself as a premier  tourist destination. The industry has been professionalised, relations between tourists  and residents have been improved, and citizens' quality of life has been enhanced. The city has made significant strides in areas such as security, sustainability, and social responsibility.

GHB hired us to revamp their brand and connect better with the people of Barcelona. Our work resulted in a new logo featuring the letters 'B' and 'H' to represent Barcelona Hotels. Our goal is for this logo to become an iconic symbol of the city and blend well with other tourism organisations in Barcelona.

Annual Reports

We have successfully created a visually impressive document that effectively communicates the company's achievements, financial results, and future strategies to its target audience. The visual style is perfectly aligned with the company's brand identity.


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