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Client: Poblenou Urban District
Services: Advertising

City Campaign

Poblenou is a neighbourhood in Barcelona that combines old factories, art centres, and print houses that have been transformed into modern buildings, libraries, and art galleries. The area also includes abandoned plots and graffiti, as well as various sites dedicated to culture, creativity, innovation, and leisure.

Follow the barrio

The 'Follow the barrio' concept was created for the Poblenou Urban District to provide  information about the association's open days and establish a long-term communication  approach. The goal was to build a more dynamic and creative relationship between the local and global communities, and to renew the association's role within the district.

From this perspective, the local area was fundamentally strategically important as the centre of the global community, reflected in three key areas: economy, productivity, and  competitiveness (work, build, grow...); socio-cultural integration (share, learn, respect...); and political representation and management (think, make, save…).

2nd Edition

The Association's artistic and local positioning was reinforced by the broad concept in the subsequent editions, making a clear statement of intent behind the message.

3rd Edition


SEAT Communication Code
Poblenou Open Day 2019
Llum Bcn 2018

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