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Client: CHEF S / ruiz+company
Services: Branding, Packaging

Healthy food for busy people

CHEF S is an organic food store in Barcelona that caters to individuals who prioritise self-care, well-being, and a healthy lifestyle.

They guide customers to plan their shopping baskets in order to improve their diet and achieve a better balance. The approach is intended to ensure that customers make wise use of their time and money.

Simple method...

At CHEF S, customers have the unique opportunity to shop by recipe. The store offers a  range of organic products and provides precise ingredients for specific menus designed to be cooked and savoured in under 30 minutes. CHEF S's identity focuses on sharing  this uncommon approach with shoppers, making the experience effortless and budget-friendly.

The language used by Barcelona residents serves not only to convey corporate messages but also reflects their lifestyle. This code plays a crucial role in shaping the brand's design, characterised by minimalist aesthetics and refined finishes. The restrained use of yellow, in an unmistakable manner, is complemented by a palette of black and white.


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