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Client: La Zaragozana
Services: Packaging

Ambiciosas Ambar Collection

Ambiciosas Ambar are daring and unconventional beers made to surprise. Limited editions that come from the brain of the master brewer Antonio Fumanal and demonstrate the versatility of this age-old drink by traveling new sensory paths. Brave, new, and different recipes are born to provoke and vanish to be remembered again and again.

Ambiciosas are artisan beers brewed in the only traditional Spanish fermentation room still in use. Small production runs come from a desire to preserve centuries-old expertise. Creative, risky, and temporary compositions are prepared with 100% natural ingredients. A collection of four beers with a graphic code related to the mother brand expresses the imaginative character of the product through a series of fantastical and expressive illustrations.


Ambar Centeno
Ambiciosas Ambar II

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