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Client: La Zaragozana
Services: Packaging

Ambar Centeno

Antonio Fumanal, the master brewer at Ambar, has successfully refined the rustic taste of rye malt beer to achieve a smooth and silky texture.

The crucial factor in achieving this output was the combination with hops, which imparted flavours of peach, hazelnut, raisin, tangerine, and pomegranate. The result is  a hazy beer with a unique texture that pairs well with bread dipping dishes. Ambar Centeno's commitment to preserving the spirit and values of the Ambiciosas collection has made all of this possible. The brewery has achieved this feat by reviving rye, an ancient grain rarely used by brewers, in a way that will surprise all palates.

The font design was inspired by the texture of cereal, utilising custom lettering for this  special occasion. The golden colour contrasts with the dark bottle, creating an elegant  appearance for a robust beer that surprises and evokes sensations.


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