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Client: Cobecsa
Services: Branding, Packaging / Illustration: Erica con C

Agua de Lunares

Lunares Mineral Water comes from springs located in Jaraba, within the Iberian System. It is an exceptional ecosystem, situated 763 meters above sea level and near the natural enclave of the Monasterio de Piedra. The water has been classified as medicinal mineral water since 1972. The hydrological cycle in which the Earth operates as a natural laboratory produces this water. The land's topography and rocky stratification create an ideal environment for a slow and captivating process that takes years to complete. The water absorbs all minerals and trace elements while maintaining a consistent temperature, pH, and composition. Finally, it is bottled in its natural form, making each bottle a pure source of wellness.

Logotype and packaging redesign

The redesign of the logo was necessary to improve its readability and presence. We  deconstructed the previous logotype and extracted basic graphic forms that represent lunar weightlessness, the spatial universe, fluidity, and balance. The black typography and clean, simple forms accurately represent the content of this full-bodied water, which is distinguished by its purity and balance.

The illustrations on the rear will receive regular updates as Lunares is committed to promoting art from the Aragón region. This edition was produced in collaboration with Erica Con C.

Calcium, magnesium, sodium…

The high mineral content of Lunares' water enabled us to use a graphic code based on its composition. To reinforce the narrative of the visual metaphor of suspended minerals, we highlighted the chemical composition on the back label, giving prominence to information that is usually considered secondary. Our approach allowed for a journey from the macro to the micro and vice versa.


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